Quality Policy

Quality Policy

UTEST, working with the principle of providing quality products and services in accordance with national and international standards in the production of test materials for building materials, applying technological developments in its products, with its expert staff, to meet customer expectations,

ISO 9001: 2015 standard, according to the Process Approach Quality Management System established according to the effectiveness and continuous improvement,

Environment-friendly, effective and efficient use of resources, working in accordance with occupational health and safety laws,

To share the knowledge of the sector and customers by sharing the information,

In all processes, with strong coordination and effective control mechanism to respond to customer requirements in the most appropriate way,

To give importance to the participation and support of the staff working with the principle of team spirit to the loyalty and happiness,

TS ISO / IEC 27001 Information Technology Security Techniques and Information Security Management Systems Requirements standard based on the application of all business and operations,

To establish long-term professional relations with customers, suppliers and staff based on honesty principle and to work as a family,

As a corporate company, it aims to be at the forefront in national and international markets.

To be a leading company in the sector is our management system.