Human Resources


As UTEST, our Human Resources Policy is always focused on development and change, having equal, fair practices to all,  We take the basis of systems supporting human resources development and application of high-performance rule.

Our principle is to be open minded to change, using our resources efficiently to become a global company, sensitive to occupational health and safety. Our mission is to develop and maintain our technology in a transparent and sustainable human resources approach, which is constantly improving our technology, and strengthening the creativity of its employees.

With this strategy, our company;

•  It values its employees and respects employee rights and protects the confidentiality and personal rights of private information.

•  In the recruitment process, it is based on the rule of placing candidates towards the appropriate position by providing equal opportunities without discrimination by using interview method.

•  Job descriptions, ethical principles to be followed by employees and other internal regulations are determined and announced by the company management.

•  Utest provides a safe working environment and conditions in all aspects of occupational safety measures for its employees.

•   Utest does not allow discrimination on the basis of race, language, religion or gender among its employees and provides protection against physical and emotional abuse in the company.

•   Utest and all employees  respect the right to freedom of expression of its employees in accordance with the law.

•   Utest, who has a clear attitude about not employing child labor. In addition Utest, Labor Law and the International Labor Organization is a party of the Republic of Turkey (ILO) act in accordance with their agreements.

The strategy of our company in achieving the goal is to be an exemplary company in which all employees work and are proud to work by carrying out modern human resources programs based on success in cooperation with all our units.