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UTEST became leading testing equipment supplier in Turkey and aims to maintain highest product standard in the world with continuous research and development activities.  UTEST manufactures Electromechanically or Servohydraulicly driven systems for tests carried out in institutes, universities, laboratories and many industrial sectors. Moreover UTEST offers customers technical consultancy, training, after sale services and modernization of older systems.

UTEST also supplies testing equipment part by part for wide range of standard or customized tests held in the automotive and aircraft industry, metal industry, plastic and rubber industry, the chemical industry, construction industry, bio mechanics. Below you will find brief description of servohydraulic actuators,hydraulic power packs, universal load frames and testing software. In addition to these, UTEST offers customers various fixtures and grips, accessories for simulation of environmental conditions, and digital controllers according to costumers individual testing needs.


Utest manufactures servohydraulic actuators for static, quasi static, dynamic and high performance testing. Actuators are doubled ended and equal area linear actuators to generate equal force in both tension and compression. Actuators has various usable stroke length and are mounted with manifold attached on it. Fast response servo-valve (0-25 Hz) and accumulators are close coupled in order to improve performance with highest possible response and minimum pressure losses where most accurate test control is achieved. Required maximum allowable piston speed is aligned according to system pressure and flow rates(0-100 lt/minute). Precision displacement sensor with appropriate resolution is integrated in the actuators. All dynamic testing systems are equipped with precision fatigue rated load cells where they are mounted on piston's rod end for accurate force measurement and control.


UTEST's hydraulic power units are specially designed for dynamic performance of test systems. Units has mostly 280 bar system pressure and various oil flows up to 100 l/min. The units can be modified to suit customers' requirements such as for higher piston speeds and load capacities. Electrical parts as indicators, system management buttons and controller are involved in the power pack. Bladder type accumulators are supplied with the pack in order to compensate pressure drops while actuator is operating and any pressure losses between the HPU and test station, in order to smooth pump ripples. Oil level, oil temperature, filter's condition and motor temperature are continuously checked by controller and system has necessary interlocks for fault conditions. Factory–set pressure relief valve prevents excessive increases in pressure. Variable-capacity pump ensure maximum electrical efficiency, consuming only sufficient electrical power to maintain the required flow, even during times of reduced flow demand. Compact designed hydraulic power units allow systems


UTEST provides rigid, robust constructed load frames to suit your customized or standard testing needs. Frames are available in various load capacities and also in different variations to meet the requirements for horizontal and vertical test space, extended travel or for higher/lower force ratings. The frames may be designed for static testing capability to high performance dynamic testing according application.

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