Soil Triaxial Test Softwares

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The CU-CD triaxial test is a complicated test needs load data, diplacement data 3 pressure data from triaxial cell and volume change data. Load data and displacement data are transfered and recorded through U-Touch PRO  Control Unit to the  software. 3 pressure data from triaxial cell and volume change data transfered and recorded through the interface unit with 4 channel  for data acquisition (UTCU-0320)  to  the software.

The UTEST software USOFT-2420 for CD-CU tests is compatible with interface unit with 4 channel  for data acquisition (UTCU-0320) and U-Touch PRO  Control Unit. UTCU-0320 can be connected to PC by RS232 port.  All channel gains can be set manually and accuracy of the reading can be increased.

Triaxial Software is a modular software that when a new test wanted to do, it directs the user step by step. First the software wants to input initial measurements such as diameter, heigth, sample weigth etc. On this stage the user decides CU or CD test will be done and enters cell pressure increment steps, back pressure differential pressure and effective stress that will be used on consolidation.

After the initialization is completed, the user goes to Saturation Cell Pressure increment stage. Cell presure must be incremented to the pressure entered at initialization stage. During this stage the software calculates B and pore pressure and submits their graph respect to time. When B value saturates this stage must be ended. Generally value of B would not reach to 0.95, therefore a back presuure increment stage must be implemented. On the saturation back pressure increment stage, prior to the start of this stage software commands what back pressure must be applied respect to initial settings. The software draws volume change and pore pressure data during this stage.

Saturation stages can be done recursively at most of 10 cycles. The relevant data of each stage is written to respective files for further investigation and report facilities. When the saturation is completed the consolidation stage can be implemented. On this stage the software commands to adjust both cell and back pressure to apply effective stress. On the consolidation stage Volume change, pore pressure and pore pressure disssipation percent is drawn as graphs. When the stage is completed, the next stage will be shear stage of CU or CD. The software suggest the shear speed respect to the results found on consolidation stage. Axial displacement and force must be tared prior to the start of shearing.

On the shear stage deviator stress, pore pressure, ơ' versus ơ'3 and s' versus t' graphs are drawn. 4 different test specimen can be configured in same file. All the results are used for drawing mohr circles. The data is evaluated with respect to specimen shear end condition. This condition can be selected as constant pore pressure, constant volume change effective prime deviator ratio etc. With the final measurements one set of data is closed.

The raw data can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Without using Microsoft Excel environment all reports can be printout which includes summary of each stage with relevant graphs.

See the pages of “UTEST Softwares” for details of the properties of the software.



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