Original Schmidt Test Hammer Type L

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Original Schmidt Test Hammer Type L (Proceq)


Rock Cradle


Calibration Anvil



ASTM D 5873; ISRM Suggested Method


In rock mechanics, The Type L Original Schmidt (UTR-0563 is commonly used for the classification of rock cores and brittle rock.

UTR-0563 Type L Hammer is a portable and relatively inexpensive instrument for measuring the surface hardness of rock. The hammer can be used efficiently in both laboratory and the field setting.

The mechanism of operation is simple: a hammer released by a spring, indirectly impacts against the rock surface through a plunger and the rebound  is read on scale of hammer then  compressive strength is read directly from the curve ranging from 10 to 70 MPa (1,450 to 10,152 psi).

The type L hammer is used on NX or larger core specimens or block specimens having an edge length of at least 6 cm.

UTR-0565 Rock Cradle apparatus consists of a universal V shaped sample holder unit suitable for all standard rock core specimen sizes from EX to NX (21.46 mm to 54.74 mm dia.) and a V shaped guide attached to the core holder to keep the rebound hammer perpendicular to the surface of the test specimen.

The mpact area of UTC-3040E Calibration Anvil used for the calibration of rock test hammers. is hardened min. 52HRC.


Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

10-70 N/mm2

Impact Energy

0.735 Nm




Weigth (approx.)


340x120x120 mm

2 kg


250x250x450 mm

27 kg  


150x150x230 mm

16 kg

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