Flexural Frame U/C Type

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UTC-5600             200 kN Capacity Flexural Testing Frame U Type
UTC-5700             300 kN Capacity Flexural Testing Frame C Type



EN 1338, 1339, 1340, 1341, 1343, 13748-1, 13748-2, 12390-5, 12390-6; BS 1881; ASTM C78, C293, C496


The versatile UTEST Flexural Testing Frames are designed for minimum deflection at maximum load resulting in very high accuracy. The load frame is a welded steel fabrication carrying the ram fitted to the upper crosshead. All frames have a single acting down stroking ram with over travel switch protection to shut the machine down when maximum ram travel is reached. The return of the ram is done by dead weight or spring to get maximum accuracy on the load measurement. A load cell is used for load measurements on all frames.

Each model is designed to accept all accessories required for flexural, trans­verse or compression tests. UTEST Flexural Frames UTC-5600 model is 200 kN capacity U type and UTC-5700 is a 300kN C type open structure designed to allow easy and practical front loading of the specimen.

The very rigid C type design is ideal either for conventional flexural test or for more sophisticated tests such as deformability and ductility index.

The load frame provides the stability needed for accurate and repeatable test re­sults over the years of operation.

All frames can be connected to any UTEST compression machine as a second frame or can be used with any UTEST power pack as an independent Flexural Machine.

Flextural test assemblies should be ordered seperately .

The main characteristics are:

  • 2 different capacity high stability welded assembly
  • Safety limit switch for 100 or 120 mm piston stroke
  • High accuracy load measurement with strain gauge load cells
  • Can accept wide range of accessories for mentioned standards
  • Can be connected to any UTEST compression machine or UTEST power pack





200 kN

300 kN

Ram Travel

100 mm

120 mm

Max. Vertical Clearance

425 mm (without accessories)

425 mm (without accessories)

Max. Horizontal Clearance

650 mm

640 mm

Max. Clerance Between 

Lower Rollers

900 mm

900 mm

The Distance Between The Center of The Piston to The Side of The Frame


320 mm

Overall Dimensions

1000x950x1130 mm

1100x900x1250 mm

Weight (approx.)

225 kg

555 kg

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