Field Inspection Testing Kit

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Field Inspection Testing Kit


Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester


Extension Rod for UTS-0082


Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometer, 0-10 kgf/cm²



ASTM D2573


The UTS-0080 Field Inspection Testing Kit is ideal for geotechnicians, geologists and agronomists. It consists of the UTS-0084 Pocket Penetrometer and of the UTS-0082 Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester. The instrument is contained in a practical carrying case.



                         UTS-0082                                                             UTS-0084


UTS-0080 Field Inspection Testing Kit

Dimensions (packed)

240x210x50 mm

Weigth (approx.)

1.8 kg


The UTS-0082 Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester is especially designed to measure the undrained shear strength (CU) of cohesive soils, consists of a cylindrical body with a torsional spring and three interchangeable vanes of different sizes used depending upon the expected strength of the soil. The height/diameter ratio of all vanes is 2. During operation the vane is driven for 5-6 cm into the soil and then turned with the handle. Deep measures (i.e. on the top of undisturbed samples) can be obtained using the extension rod. All stainless steel construction. Supplied in a plastic case. Extension rod should be ordered separately.


UTS-0082 Field Inspections Pocket Vane Tester

Vane Dimensions (height x dia.)

32x16; 40x20, 50.8x25.4 mm

Measuring Range

0 to 240 kPa (0-24 N/cm')

Torque Value

5 N - m

Extension Rod

500 mm depth.

Overall Dimensions (assembled)

310x105 mm


1.3 kg


The UTS-0084 Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometer is designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength and approximate unconfined compressive strength. Heavy duty model is all stainless steel construction, three interchangeable tips: 4.5 mm dia. for very hard soil, 6.35 mm for medium and soft soil, 8.98 mm for soft soil. Supplied complete with plastic case.


UTS-0084 Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometer

Measuring Range

0 to 10 kgf/cm'

Dimensions (assembled)

210 mm length x 20 mm dia.

Weight (approx.)

0.5 kg

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