Digital Point Load Test Apparatus with Hydraulic Cylinder and Hand Pomp

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Digital Point Load Test Apparatus with Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 60 kN


Lower and Upper (Spherical Seated) Loading Platens, Ø60 mm


Indirect Tensile (Brazil) Test Apparatus for NX (Ø54.74 mm) Rock Specimens, ISRM


Indirect Tensile (Brazil) Test Apparatus for HQ (Ø63,5 mm) Rock Specimens, ISRM



ASTM D5731


The UTR-0542 Digital Point Load Test Apparatus Apparatus is used for determining the strength values of a rock specimen, both in the field and in the laboratory. Consists of a 100 kN capacity load frame with an upper and lower conical platens, hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic pomp, a digital readout unit and a pressure tranducer

The frame is adjustable for testing of samples up to 102 mm diameter. A ruler assembled on the frame allows the direct measurement of the distance between the conical platens before and after the test. The compression load is measured by a pressure transducer connected to an advanced digital.

Hydrolic hand pomp has a internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.

UTR-0544 Lower and Upper (Spherical Seated) Loading Platens which are used for compression tests on cylinder rock specimens should be ordered seperately.

Supplied complete with 1,5 m flexible hose with quick release coupling, serial port for PC connection, face protective goggles and carriage box.



  • Load Capacity: 0-100 kN
  • Digital Display: 2 x 16 characters
  • Resolution : 32.000 div.
  • Accuracy : ± 1%
  • Load Readibility: 1 N
  • Load measurement in both kN and MPa
  • Serial Port for PC or thermal connection
  • Distance between conical platens: 105 mm
  • Distance between columns: 110 mm
  • Distance between compression platens: 102  mm


Loading Frame with Cylinder


450x300x700 mm

Weigth (approx.)

25 kg

Hydrolic Hand Pomp


160x700x310 mm

Weigth (approx.)

13 kg

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