Climatic Cabinet

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Climatic Cabinet 1000 L


Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.


Models for 110-120 V 60Hz, 1ph.




EN 196-1, 12004  


The  Climatic  Cabinet is used  for conditioning  cementitious specimens such as adhesives for tile, mortars for repair, masonary and plastering in order to prepare their tests.The cabinet provides humidity range from 50% to over 95% with ±5 % Rh at the temperature range between 150C to 500C (±1.0°C between 200C to 300C, ±1.5°C other temperatures ). Internal chamber made of stainless steel. The temperature is maintained by a heater and cooler unit which are supplied complete with cabinet.

The humidity and temperature can be controlled and monitored on the digital control unit.

The Cabinet has a LAN port for connection to a PC.  Free of charged Utest Software(USOFT-1110)  and a LAN cable supplied complete with the cabinet. Temperature and humidity data can be monitored and recorded in real time during the test by connection to a PC. With Utest Software, data can be converted to an excel report.

UTCM-1110 Climatic Cabinet is is also supplied complete with six displaceable shelves.


Internal Dimension

1140x680x1370 mm

External Dimension

1400x800x2100 mm

Weight (approx.)

200 kg


1200 W

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