Automatic Asphalt Indentation Penetrometer

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Automatic Asphalt Indentation Penetrometer, EN


Spare Indentor Pins (100mm2 and 500 mm2) for UTAS-2130


Adjustable mould for the test cube (69mm) for UTAS-2130


Metal Intermediate Plate for UTAS-2130


Calibration Block for UTAS-2130


The appartus for preparing the test cubes for UTAS-2130


Cube Mould 70.7 mm, BS,  steel, for UTCM-0930 and UTAS-2130


Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.


Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph.




TS EN 12697-20


UTAS-2130 Automatic Indentation Penetrometer determines the resistance of an asphalt cube and cylindrical specimens to indentation when force is applied to them using a cylindirical pin in a defined period. Maximum nominal size of the aggregates should be less or equal to 16 mm.

UTAS-2130 can apply a 25 N prelaminary force and than 525 N total force without touching the test weights with electromechanical method acc. to TS EN 12697-20.

UTAS-2130 consists of a four-columns frame combined with an assebly for force application and a stainless steel 25L water bath with drain facility, a digital control unit with immersion type heater-agitator, 50 x 0.01 mm displacement transducer with holder, calibration block, interchangeable indentor pin with 100 mm2 and 500 mm2, an adjustable mould 69mm, a metal intermediate plate and a free software.

 Cube mould and the appartus for preparing the test cubes should be ordered seperately.


Key Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature control
  • Digital indicator
  • Ethernet connection



UTAS-2130 is supplied  with software developed by Utest that allows automatic capture to PC of test data. Software is capable of showing the test data in real time, storing the results and real time temperature monitoring.


Technical Specification

Preliminary Force

(25 ± 1) N

Total Test Force

(525 ± 1) N

100 mm2 Diameter Indentor Pin

(11.3 ± 0,1)mm

500 mm2 Diameter Indentor Pin

(25.2 ± 0,1) mm

Deformation of Apparatus Upon Application and Removal of Forces

<0.01 mm

Water Tank Capacity

25 litres

Water Temperature Range

Ambient  to the test temperatures

Water Temperature Stability

Accuracy of ± 1 °C.

Digital Indicator Resolution

0.01 mm



590x485x1040 mm

Weight (approx.)

200 kg

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