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UTM-0600S        Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, 600 kN
UTM-1000S        Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, 1000 kN
UTM-2000S        Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, 2000 kN


EN ISO 6892-1, EN ISO 15630-1, EN ISO 7500-1


UTEST-S Series Universal Testing Machines are high capacity systems with single test space and suitable for tensile, compression, flexure tests on a wide range of different materials such as round, flat and profile specimens for quality control, product development, research or process development. Testing systems for brittle materials such steel or fasteners requires high stiffness load frames that minimize the amount of deformation energy that is stored in the frame.

Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines can be controlled via. Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set that is located on the frame, Digital Control Unit or Material Testing Program (MTP) software that installed on the PC connected to the Control Unit.

Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine can carry out tensile and yield, compression, flexure tests with load and displacement controls.

UTEST-S Series can be switched between load and displacement control during the test.

The main characteristics are;

  • Rigid 4 columns construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and precision alignment,
  • Closed-loop servo controlled hydraulic power pack for accurate test control,
  • High speed electronic control and data acquisition unit for accurate test results,
  • Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set for fast test setup and testing,
  • Single test space design with convenient vertical testing clearance,
  • Double acting servo-actuator mounted on top of the crossbeam
  • Actuator with anti-rotation system to prevent the natural tendency of the actuator to rotate.
  • Long piston stroke for the most convenient and easy adjustment and testing of different sample lengths,
  • Digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy
  • Easy calibration procedure,
  • Material Test Program (MTP) Software for easy using,
  • Chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life.
  • Hydraulic Wedge Actions Grips
  • Grip control system mounted on the frame
  • Compression platens or bending devices may be fixed directly into wedge grips,
  • Limit switch on the piston as well as the safety limit valves on the hydraulic system,

Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is consisting of Load Frame, Advanced servo controlled automatic power pack, Electronic Control Unit and Material Testing Software as standard.

Depending to standards and requirements, Video extensometers, Automatic Extensometers, Clip-On Extensometers, Flexure, Compression Test Apparatus, High Temperature Cabinets and Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set can be integrated on the Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines.


UTEST-S Series Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines are manufactured 600, 1000 and 2000 kN capacities. The double acting servo actuator, which is integrated on the upper crosshead, has a long piston stroke which makes vertical testing space accessible for easy and efficient testing of different samples lengths. Load cell for measuring the load is mounted between lower grip and base plate.

Displacement transducers that mounted in the piston are used for displacement measuring. External Extensometers (Video extensometers, Long Travel Extensometers, Automatic Extensometers or Clip-On Extensometers) can be synchronously used for displacement measurements if required.

Mono block Wedge Actions Hydraulic Grips are located between end point of piston and load cell that mounted on the base platen. Not any disassembly or tools needed for changing the jaws. The jaws that can be used for 0-60 mm thickness flat specimens and 6-60 mm diameter for round specimens are provided as standard depend on capacity of the machine.


The UTC-4870 Automatic Power Packs with Servo Valve, are advanced power packs can be used on any testing system ideal for R&D laboratories and Universities for advanced tests with P.I.D. Closed loop control. It can perform tests under load and displacement controls. The frequency of the P.I.D controller and data acquisition is 1000 Hz. UTC 4870 automatic power packs are designed to supply the required oil to the load frames for loading, unloading or low cycle dynamic testing. All the operations of Data Acquisition and Controls System can be controlled from the touch screen front panel of a 240x320 LCD display or computer.

The UTC-4870 can control up to 4 different. For each frame there is one load cell (or pressure transducer) input and one displacement transducer input for control. There are an extra three analogue channels for other sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers, displacement transducers etc. built in the system.

The power pack automatically controls and supplies oil to the frame which is chosen by the user via the touch screen LCD digital control unit or by choosing the test type from the computer software.

The type of displacement transducer can be TTL or analogue ( It must be same type for all frames ).

The main specifications of the UTC-4870 power packs are;

  • Up to 5 litre/minute pump delivery (max) 280 bar 3 kW motor rate
  • Loading-unloading with ± 0,5% rate accuracy
  • Staying at constant load within 0,005% accuracy of the maximum load
  • The control of the load starts from 0,3 % of the maximum load capacity of the system.

All power packs can be connected to the computer through Ethernet port for advanced test cycles, data acquisition and reporting. The modulus of elasticity, Poisson's Ratio and compressibility parameters is easily and properly evaluated by attaching LVDT or extensometers on to the sample. All the calibration values of the transducers and also all the test parameters for the last test is automatically stored on the control unit. All power packs incorporate a pressure safety valve for each frame separately and a cooling unit.


Main Features

  • 3 analogue channels for displacement transducers, extensometers, etc. built in the system as an addition  to frame loadcells/pressure transducers
  • Instrumentation amplifiers for sensor excitation and amplification
  • 1/65.000 resolution and 1.000 Hz control for each channel
  • Ethernet port for connecting to computer
  • 240x320 pixel LCD display
  • Touchscreen operator panel
  • Can control 4 frames
  • Can execute load, displacement or strain controlled tests. For post peak applications UTC-4870 must be  selected.
  • Free of charge PC software for test control and advanced report printout
  • Pace rate control from 0.01 kN/s to 100 kN/s (depend on the specimen stiffeness)
  • Pace rate control from 0.01 mm/min to 100 mm/min (UTM-600S and 1000S) and 75mm/min (UTM-2000S)
  • Multiple language support
  • Real time clock/date


Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set designed for more practical process than Electronic Control Unit and PC. Piston can be moved up-down, can be adjusted test speed, can be adjusted position of grips and the jaws can be open/close by Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set. Able to stop at maximum upper and lower position and automatically suspend when can be reached to maximum deformation of capacity should been with Remote Control Head Set.

Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set that connected with a connection cable to Electronic Control Unit has LCD display can be seen values of load &deformation of the test.


Material Testing Program (MTP) supplied standard with the machine is used to control and data processing. By using MTP Test control data input (test speed, maximum load and maximum elongation limits, etc.), sample data and user data can be entered.

Real-time image, stress-strain curve, load deformation, load-time curve, load/strain, Young Modules etc. can be displayed by the software. The upper and lower yield, maximum breaking and strain, breaking/elongation ratio of selecting point etc. can be supplied from graphic.

If require the old graphics and data can be displayed. At the same time can be recorded, reporting, output and test report can be printed. Material Testing Program (MTP) has a wide range of process. Test results can be displayed in Metric and Systeme International (SI) system.

Automatic zeroing at the beginning of the test and auto return facility after specimen failure is available on the Material Testing Program (MTP). All test results are displayed on the screen. System has automatic break detection, several break detection criteria's are available can be selected. Material Testing Program (MTP) can automatically recognize the attached extra Video extensometer, Automatic extensometer etc.


Standard Extensometers

UTM-0500 Clip-On Type Extensometers, 50 mm gauge length, 25 mm travel, 0,01 mm accuracy,
UTM-0520 Clip-On Type Extensometers, 50 mm gauge length, 0,001 mm accuracy,

Clip-On Type Extensometers can measure the displacement directly from the specimens.

Automatic Extensometers

UTM-0540 Automatic Extensometer, 10-300 mm gauge length, 0,1 μm accuracy. These kind of extensometers are fully automatic computer-controlled and used for flat and round specimens with different measurement distance. By means of high sensitivity it can even used on very delicate materials.

Technical Specifications of Automatic Extensometers

Gauge Length L0 (mm)


Linearity Error


Travel Distance Error


Resolution (μm)

1 or 0,1

Operating Temperature Range (0C)


Indication Error ( μm)


Positioning Distance (mm)


Travel (mm)

300 min L0

Video Extensometers

UTM-0560 Video extensometers are non-contact, high resolution and sensitivity system. Displacement between two marked dots and % displacement, real image of displacement and % displacement can be obtained with this real time camera system.

High resolutions Video Extensometer's sensitivity is 0,002% dir. As generally, the average strain value between two marked lines can be obtained. Up to ten different marked dots on the sample can be calculated of percentage of displacement. The data and images on the Video extensometer can be displayed when Video extensometer connected with Material Testing Program (MTP).

Video Extensometer can be fitted a place is suitable on the load frame.


Technical Specifications              

*Loading rate depends to durability and type of various specimens






Maximum Load (kN)




Piston Stroke (mm)




Max Distance between

grips (mm)




Horizontal front

daylight between

columns (mm)




Horizontal depth

daylight between

columns (mm)




Column Dia. (mm)




Test Speed (mm/min.) Displacement


0,1 - 100





Test Speed

(MPa/s) Load*





Displacement Resolution (mm)





Accuracy (mm)




Jaws Size for Flat

Specimens (mm)





Jaws Size for Round

Specimens (mm)




Power Supply

380 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph.

380 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph.

380 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph.

Height (mm)




Load Measurement


(Capacity of Load Cell


Class 0,5

Class 0,5

Class 0,5

Ambient Conditions

from10 C to 30 C temp. and humidity up to %80 

from10 C to 30 C temp. and humidity up to %80

from10 C to 30 C temp. and humidity up to %80

Max. Working Pressure (bar)




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