Multiplex Universal Electronmechanic Test Machine

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Multiplex Universal Electromechanic

Test Machine


The UTM-0108.SMPR Multiplex Universal Electromechanic Test Machine is a Servo Controlled Multiplex Machine supplied complete with 50 kN Load Cell (UTGM-0025), 25 mm Linear Potentiometric Transducer(UTGM-0062 ) and U-Touch PRO Control Unit. 5 kN Loadcell should be ordered separately for Triaxial Tests.

The Frame capacity is 50 kN. This versatile digital loading frame features a microprocessor controlled drive system with an advanced servo motor enabling the operator to easily set any test speed via the coloured touch screen. Touch screen comprises adjustment buttons such as “start”, “increase”, “automatic”, “manual”, “down”, “up” as well as other user defined test parameters. The testing speed can be set between 0,00001 mm/min to 51mm/min. The test automatically stops when load and/or displacement is reached to 99% value of the set measuring range. See UTM-0108.SMPR pages  for details.

Load and displacement values are collected by U-Touch PRO Control Unit  and transferred to PC for further processing with the,  USOFT -2419  software  for performing UU and USOFT -2420 software  for CU-CD  tests.


UTM 0108 ekle

UTGM-0042 with UTGM-0062



550x650x1100 mm

Weight (approx.)

95 kg


750 W



U-Touch PRO Control Units

U-Touch PRO Control Unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers which are fitted to the machine.

All the operations of U-Touch PRO are controlled from the front panel consisting of color resistive touch screen display and function keys 4 analogue channels are provided for load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers.

U-Touch PRO Cıontrol Units has easy to use menu options and displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option in a seemless manner to activate the option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters.The digital graphic display of each  control unit is able to draw realtime "Load vs. Time", "Load vs. Displacement" or "Stress vs. Time" graphics.

The Control Unit offers many addition unique features. You can save more than 10000 test results in its internal memory. The Control Units can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the world.



• Can make test with displacement control

• Real time display of test graph.

• 4 analog channels for load cell or pressure sensors or displacement sensors

• Calibration function for 4 channels.

• Programmable digital gain adjustment for load-cell, pressure transducers, potentiometric sensors, voltage and current transmitters

• Closed-loop for pace rate

PLEASE see the pages of “General/Data Aqusition and Control Units” for details of the properties of software and hardware  of  U-Touch PRO  Control Unit


multiplex ekle2


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