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UTC-3025   Metal Locator (BOSCH)


BS1881-204, DIN1045, SN 505 262, DGZfP B2

The Bosch PDO Multi Digital Detector locates a variety of metal and wooden structures behind walls with the highest precision, ensuring safety before drilling into the wall. Invest in a reliable detector such as the Detector PDO Multi rather than have a water pipe or power cable repaired afterwards.

The PDO Multi's large, easy-to-read display uses a bar display to indicate the detection strength. It displays the charging state of the battery, and also features a zoom function for reliable detection accurate to the millimeter. The function buttons of the PDO Multi make it easy to switch the mode from metal to wood detection. The non-slip soft grip ensures safe and comfortable handling.

When the PDO Multi finds detectable material behind the wall, the LED ring changes color from green to red and alerts the user with an acoustic signal. The result is displayed graphically on a large LCD. The zoom function refines the search even more and locates the detected object within a millimeter range. Use the handy built-in pencil and mark the detected area through the opening in the center of the LED ring.

Digital measuring tools from Bosch impress with precision and extremely easy operation whether when leveling objects, measuring distances or detecting all different kinds of materials and power cables.

Detection Depth, steel (max.)

60 mm

Detection Depth, copper (max.)

50 mm




9 V


0.20 kg


  • Reliable detection up to max. 6 cm detection depth
  • Immediately ready for use thanks to fully automatic calibration
  • Locates metals and live power cables
  • Clear drilling recommendation by means of marking ring illuminated in red /green
  • Extremely easy operation - only one button
  • Digital display makes the measurement results easy to read
  • Soft grip for a better and more comfortable hold

The Metal Locator (Bosch) is supplied complete with;

  • PDO Multi Detector
  • Protective case
  • Battery, 9 V
  • Marking Pencil and Instruction Manual
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