Interface / Data Acquisition Units

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Interface Unit with 4 Channel  for Data Acqusition


Interface Unit with 8 Channel  for Data Acqusition


Advanced  Interface Unit with 4 Channel 

for Data Acqusition


Datalogger, 4 Channel

for  Data Acquisition and Record


Interface Units  are a sophisticated data acquisition unit which provides the link between software and the transducers connected to the test equipments.

UTCU -0320 Interface  Unit is used at triaxial tests and consolidation tests or for general data collecting purposes.


The main characteristics of UTCU -0320 and UTCU-0325  are;

  • 4 channel UTCU-0320 model
  • 8 channel UTCU-0325 model
  • High resolution: 16M points (effective 260.000 points)
  • Large permanent memory
  • Ethernet port for  PC connection
  • CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture
  • 10 (sample/sec) / channel
  • 24 bit A/D Convertor (260.000 effective divisions)
  • Digital gain selection, suitable for potentiometric transducers
  • mv/V Sensors (pressure transducers, load cells, linear transducers)
  • 4 Mb memory


UTCU-0330 Interface Unit  has 4 channel for data acqusition and suitable for strain gauges and strain gauge type transducers (Pressure,force, displacement, vb.). A/D convertor is 24 bit. 1 micro strain resolution. Max sampling frequency 10 kHz

UTCU -0370 Datalogger, 4 channel data acquisition and recorder unit, 32 bit, analog input, output and an encoder input. Can be connected  DC voltage, currency, strain gauge, rasyometrik and resistance, thermocouple, RTD( PT100 and PT1000) type sensors. Max sampling frequency 1 kHz. A/D convertor.


UTCU-0320       UTCU-0325      UTCU-0330      UTCU-0370

            UTCU-0320                               UTCU-0325                           UTCU-0330                              UTCU-0370    


The following free UTEST Softwares are supplied with Interface Units and the  Datalogger.

  • USOFT-0320 Software for UTCU-0320
  • USOFT-0325 Software for UTCU-0325
  • USOFT-0330 Software for UTCU-0330
  • USOFT-0370 Software for UTCU-0370
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