Concrete Mixer with Double Acting

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Concrete Mixer with Double Acting,

Pan Type, 150 L


Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.


Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph.




TS EN 1766


To find out the effects of the different type constituents on the concrete properties requires the preparation of numerous and higher volume of concrete batches such as RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) and Mass Concrete which have bigger sizes coarse aggregate in the laboratory. Double Acting UTC-0762 Concrete Mixer is designed for this purpose.

Dimensional volume of the mixing pans are 150 liters and the effective mixing capacity is 80/60 liters. The difference of UTC-0762 from conventional mixer is their ability of mixing higher volume of mixtures with the help of second engine which rotates the stirring beater in the opposite direction of the mixing pan’s rotation direction with high performance.

The shutter of the mixer is designed to open 120 degrees for easy access to the pan and keeps the beater in a certain height during mixing. There is a observation window on the shutter which enables the user to monitor the process. Transaction of opening and closing the shutter is done by a motor.

The mixing pan can be tilted to empty the mixture by a motor for easy cleaning on completion of the mixing operation. The height of the blades from the base of pan can be adjustable to suit the difference of coarse aggregate sizes. UTC-0762 is equipped with rubber wheels which provide high mobility.

All parts of the mixer is galvanized or painted with non-corrosive paint. The protection class of the mixer is IP55.



1430x1400x1410 mm

Weight (approx.)

600 kg


4500 W

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