CBR Test Machine with Load Ring

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CBR Test Machine with Load Ring,

50 kN capacity


Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph


Models for 110-120V, 60Hz, 1ph




EN 13286-47; BS 1377:4; ASTM D1883; AASHTO T193;

NF P94-078; AS 1289.6.1.1; UNI CNR 10009


The UTS-0852 is designed for performing laboratory evaluation of the CBR value of highway sub bases and subgrade and for the determination of strength of cohesive materials which have maximum particle sizes less than 19 mm (3/4”).

The UTS-0852 is designed to load the penetration piston into the soil sample at a constant rate to measure the applied load and piston penetration at predetermined intervals.

The machine is designed to be mounted on a suitable bench and comprises of a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper cross beam. The frame has 50 kN capacity. The test speed is 1.27 mm/min. for ASTM/EN/AASHTO/BS/NF tests. Loading and unloading are down from the front panel by UP/DOWN buttons. Unloading speed is udjusted 5 mm/min for easy re-testing.


The CBR Test Machine is supplied complete with;

  • Load Ring, 50 kN
  • Digital dial gauge 25 x 0.01 mm (UTGM-0148) with holder (UTS-0853)
  • Penetration Piston (UTS-0870)



480x650x1150 mm

Weight  (approx.)

110 kg


370 W

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