Balloon Density Apparatus

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Balloon Density Apparatus 1600 ml ASTM


Balloon Density Apparatus 3000 ml NF


Balloon Density Apparatus 6000 ml, NF


Balloon Density Apparatus NF, 10000 ml, NF



ASTM D2167; NF P94-061-2: AASHTO T205


Balloon Density Apparatus are used for the on-site determination of the density of well bonded soil according to the ASTM and French standards respectively.

UTS-0990A consists of a graduated cylinder of 1596 ml capacity housed inside an aluminium guard, a reversible rubber aspirator pump, a density plate 9 inches square, and 12 rubber balloons. The principle of operation is similar to the sand replacement but the hole is filled by a rubber balloon where water is pumped. The amount of water can be easily determined by the graduation of the cylinder.

According to NF standard, a metal cylinder is filled with water which is then pumped into a rubber membrane mounted on the base of the cylinder. The water pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge and the volume of the balloon is measured on the graduated piston stem.


NF Type Balloon Density Apparatus are supplied complete with complete with;
• Reinforced Membranes, 6 pcs./pack
• Base Plate
• Locking Clamps, 4 pcs. (6 pcs. for UTS-1000NF)

ASTM Type Balloon Density Apparatus is supplied complete with complete with;
• A graduated cylinder, 1596 mL capacity housed inside an aluminum guard,
• A reversible rubber aspirator pump,
• Density plate,
• Rubber balloons, 12pcs.


Product Code


Weight (approx.)


250x250x700 mm

7 kg


360x360x1000 mm

10 kg

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