Accelerated Curing Tanks

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Accelerated Curing Tank, Ambient to +60°C, 380 V 50 Hz, 3 ph.



ASTM C 684, C 1768 (Procedure A - Warm Water Method)

BS 1881:Part 112  (35°C Method and 55°C Method)


UTC-0980-C Accelerated Curing Tank is designed for curing concrete specimens according to ASTM C1768  (Procedure A - Warm Water Method) and BS 1881:Part 112 (35°C Method and 55°C Method).

The Tank consists of an insulated rectangular double walled metal chamber inside lined with stainless steel outer powder coated, an insulated lid with lifting handle to cover the chamber and an stainless steel perforated platform  for circulation of water and to support the concrete specimens.

The tank works ambient to +60°C temperature. The temperature is controlled with closed loop PID controlled digital thermoregulator with accuracy of ±2°C. Curing temperature and curing time can also be set.


External Dimensions

1000x750x850 mm

Internal Dimensions

900x600x640 mm

Weight (approx.)

90 kg


4500 W

Current (UTC-0980-C)

20 Ampere

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